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05 April 2013 @ 08:41 pm

Other Fandom Examples- http://blackoutnow.wordpress.com/fandom-art/

Commissions: 1

Will Draw: General type of things. Canon or Fanon. Personally, I'm open to whatever but I prefer sticking with the times rather than going AU. Artefacts and magical tools and things are are fun to draw too.

Will NOT Draw: Porn, loads of magical creatures (like dragons), chain mail on every single person possible, bestiality, death, torture, etc. But when it comes creatures, we can talk about complexity.

Pairings: I can draw characters alone or together. Pretty good with drawing Arthur and Merlin, but I'm up to drawing the knights (the original Round Table) and some of our favourite villains (Morgana, Morgause and Mordred).

Cross-Fandom: If it's a brilliant idea, we can make it work!

What I typically draw: As of right now, I really love drawing the characters in inverse colour. But I can draw them doing whatever as a sketch or a full out drawing with characters interacting with each other. I've also drawn key items that we've seen in episodes, (map of Camelot, Cup of Life, etc.)

Number of Characters: I stick with two at the most. If you want more than two characters, there would be a charge for each additional character.

Price Per Stage:
Sketch - $5
Lineart - $10
Simple colour - $15
Fully shaded sketch - $15
Multiple characters - $5 (added on to the bid so sketch of 3 people 5+5=$10)

All bidders must have an email to be contacted through- Either Log in to LJ and leave your email with your bid OR leave an anonymous comment with your email. You will not receive your item if we cannot email you. To leave a bid, comment below with your email and the dollar amount you wish to bid. All bids must be in whole USD dollar amounts [eg. $1, not $1.50]. There is no cap on the amount you can spend on an item.
When the auction is concluded, we will relay your email to the artist, and they will contact you only after you have made payment to the appropriate committee. All interactions after that are the responsibility of the bid winner.
To bid on R rated or 18+ art, you must be 18. But placing a bit, you are confirming.that you are 18 years of age.
For Commissions:
Commissioned items have a starting bid, bids must start at that amount, and will increase based upon the competition for the item. After the auction is concluded, the artist will email the winner after the committee receives payment from the winner. From then on, the artist and the winner must negotiate what they want, please keep in mind no matter how pretty the art, not all artists are willing to draw rated R art, so keep an eye on the art rating for a more informed decision.
merlincommitteemerlincommittee on April 7th, 2013 03:51 am (UTC)
Starting bid $5.
(Reply to this comment with your bid for the commission. Must be $5 or higher.)